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Karel Dibbets (1947-2017)

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Caroline van Leeuwen (2004-2006), Mike Peek (2005-2008), Jorn Baas (2003-2005), Joost Berkhout (2004-2005), Bas Overtoom (2005), Anne de Vroomen (2005), Kathleen Lotze (2005), Finn Szumlas (2005), Johannes van der Sluis (2004), Rixt Jonkman (2004), Andres Boot (2003-2004), Rik toe Water (2003-2004), Fabio Zaffora (2004), Claudy Gommans (2003), Jelle Holl (2005-2006), Anne Geelhoed (2005-2006), Bregtje Schudel (2005-2006), Ankie ten Velde (2005-2006), Dewi Vrenegoor (2005-2006).

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Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Ivo Blom (VU), Amsterdam City Archives, Groningen Archives, Dan Hassler-Forest (UvA), August den Hollander (VU), Frans Hoving (DIVA), Jaap Kamps (UvA), Jacco Konijn and Marion Leenen (UvA), Nationaal Archief, Pim Reinders (Reclame Arsenaal), Theater Instituut Nederland, Utrecht Archives, Rob Zeeman (Meertens Institute).

Donators of digital data
Cobi Bordewijk: film programming Leiden
Rudmer Canjels: titles of film serials
Jan Hein Furnée: film programming Amsterdam 1955
Clara Pafort-Overduin: film programming De Jantjes
Aafje Terwey: film programming TipTop Amsterdam
Frans Westra: film programming Zierikzee

Amsterdam City Archives
Rotterdam City Archives
Reclame Arsenaal
Eye Filmmuseum

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Universiteit Utrecht
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Eye Filmmuseum

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has supported Cinema Context with an investment grant. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport provided a grant for adding censorship data as part of its programme Heritage of the War.

The Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam has done its utmost to contact all artists or their estates to acquire permission to publish images on the internet. If you think you own the rights to any images on display in this database, you are requested to contact the Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

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